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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1222 – Live Broadcast of the Cube Battle overjoyed puncture
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Now, Zhou Wen fully understood that the Cube would transmit the combat inside the dungeon.
Depending on Gu Dian’s learning ability, the aspect couldn’t completely command the Cube’s business. Venus’s visual appeal was a surgical procedure started with the Cube.
The Golden Conflict G.o.d raised a fantastic revolver and photo a bullet with the great human being.
Zhou Wen stayed for 50 percent a day and explained Hui Wan the main element to creating the Qi Refinement Artwork before having him apply it themselves.
Zhou Wen was slightly undertaken aback because he observed the bullet pa.s.s from the gold person’s body system without hurting him in any way. It was probably a Terror improvement.
A Tenderfoot In Space
Initial was the light s.h.i.+eld, than the fantastic person’s body. Minutes down the road, it was subsequently coated in heavy frost.
Just the hemispherical metal element was open on top of the magma. No person believed how strong it proceeded to go.
I never estimated the Gold Combat G.o.d to acquire this sort of transfer! Zhou Wen was alarmed while he had attacked too rapidly. The Gold Combat G.o.d hadn’t obtained the ability to use his total toughness and was easily sent.
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He put the storage device into his phone and skim the elements. Soon after he was completed, Zhou Wen’s term switched solemn.
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Since the yellow gold was devoured, the program automatically exposed.
The majority of the spectating mankind increased their sight because they checked out the s.h.i.+mmering dimensional crystals on a lawn. They wanted they are able to assist the wonderful individual decide on them up.
“He’s not really picking them up. They are all Mythical dimensional crystals!”
I teleported in, in contrast to that golden man or woman doesn’t resemble he knows spatial skills. How is he planning to type in? As Zhou Wen was thinking, he discovered the gold guy piece off a sheet of gold bullion from his body system and set it around the software.
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The aspect is set to clear the dimensional area on Venus? Exactly what do they would like from Venus’s dimensional zone? Zhou Wen’s expression switched a lot more solemn soon after he was done reading.
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The information was very simple. There were clearly no training videos or snap shots. There is only some limited text.
According to Gu Dian’s cleverness, the sizing couldn’t completely control the Cube’s functions. Venus’s visual appearance was a surgical procedure initiated through the Cube.
This content was quite simple. There have been no movies or photographs. There seemed to be only some quick words.
I teleported in, however that glowing guy doesn’t appear like they know spatial abilities. How is he likely to enter? As Zhou Wen was thinking about, he spotted the wonderful guy cut off an item of precious metal from his body system and set it about the software.
The Glowing Battle G.o.d fired both his firearms simultaneously, and bullets. .h.i.t the fantastic particular person. Each bullet heightened the very cold effect on the wonderful person.
The majority of the spectating mankind widened their vision as they quite simply looked over the s.h.i.+mmering dimensional crystals on the ground. They wished they may assist the glowing man or woman go with them up.
Let Me Game in Peace
“A Companion Egg… A Mate Egg cell dropped… He’s still not picking it up…”
Right after that, the matter was just like Zhou Wen’s. The six doorways launched as hordes of Aluminum Guards hurried out and golf shot in the golden individual from diverse instructions.
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He put the memory card into his telephone and skim the items. Just after he was completed, Zhou Wen’s term switched solemn.
Thankfully, Zhou Wen obtained already reached a space having a telephone sign and can even watch the are living transmit on his cellphone.
Within a barrage of firing, the wonderful person’s body skyrocketed, switching into an ice pack shards and precious metal.
Zhou Wen remained for 50 percent a day and presented Hui Wan the main element to developing the Qi Refinement Art work before having him process it him self.
Just as the Venusian example dungeon showed up, the wonderful particular person from before arrived ahead of the stainless steel building again. He landed for the software near the top of the hemispherical building without the reluctance.
He loaded the memory card into his cellphone and browse the materials. After he was done, Zhou Wen’s concept changed solemn.
Just like the Venusian example dungeon came out, the great man or woman from before emerged in front of the stainless steel setting up once again. He landed around the platform on the top of the hemispherical building with virtually no hesitation.
Zhou Wen damaged the memory card, not bold to go out of any traces of it. Or else, it could be renewed by some kind of special capability.
After the fantastic human being passed away, the Cube’s monitor given back to the earlier standpoint, returning to a zoomed out taken of Venus.
Zhou Wen originally dreamed that he wouldn’t have the capacity to see anything, but to his shock, the arena from the Cube improved for the inside in the setting up. He could understand the glowing person standing inside of the hemispherical building.
Happily, Zhou Wen experienced already came to the place which has a cellphone signal and can even observe the live broadcast on his smartphone.

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